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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Can Fashion get any easier than this?

Oh you New Yorkers, you have it sooo easy. Not only are you home to the best department stores, vintage shops, and boutiques in the country--now you have Caravan to add to your list. Getting the idea from FreshDirect, Caravan owners Brian and Claudine Gumbel came up with the ingenious idea to buy a silver Winnebago and cruise about NYC neighborhoods as a mobile clothing boutique. Next year they're planning to hit the West Coast. For the rest of us, check out their goodies online at shopcaravan.com.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Boston Ladies-Mark Your Calendars!

Friday, December 2nd

SHOP & TALK EVENT The Sports Club/LA is hosting "Shop & Talk" a night where Boston's local design community will showcase their fall/holiday collections for the public. Tickets cost $19 (if you buy them in advance) and include hors d'oeuvres from Blu and Peroni beer samples.

Time: 6-9pm

Location: The Sports Club/LA, 4 Avery Street, Boston

Saturday and Sunday, Decemeber 3& 4

STOCK UP ON LOCAL DESIGNERS' GIFTS Turtle Boutique in the South End is offering jewelry, bath products, and accessories all made by local designers and all under $50!

Tuesday, December 6th

FASHION GROUP BOSTON HOLIDAY PARTY AND NIGHT OF GIVING On December 6th, give back to the community! Bring along a friend and enjoy this special evening of giving. All you need to do for admission is to bring a gently worn, drycleaned career suit, coat, pantsuit, blouse, even shoes. All items will be donated to Dress for Success, a non-profit organization that prepares women for an interview when they re-join the work force. Only items appropriate for a job interview will be accepted. All sizes are welcome! Plus, Fashion Group will have a Tarot Card Reader who will predict your fashion future (for an additional fee).

Time: 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location: Yolanda's Fashion Salon-355 Waverly Oaks Road Waltham, MA

Thursday, December 8th

JEWERLY IS ALWAYS IN FASHION Designs by Hillary is having a trunk show at Brookline's Mint Julep boutique. There'll be gifts and special discounts to everyone who comes for some holiday cheer.

Time: Call for start time-617-232-3600

Location: 1302 Beacon Street, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

This Week's Musing: Belt it Out

I have a love/hate relationship with belts. I love accessories, thus I love shopping for belts. I love the way belts can make an outfit look completely different when worn over a dress, tunic shirt, or even low-slung over a pair of trusty jeans. But, I hate how much belts normally cost. My budget-minded subconscious usually screams out to me whenever I am about to plunk down more than $30 for one. Thus, I usually forgo buying belts and end up not getting the chance to play around with different looks. However, having one "wow" belt is a good investment. Just make sure it's well-made and classic enough that it will survive through all the trends.

Here a couple of belt ideas to set your heart a flutter.

1. A Common Thread, $124. Available at Sun Walters.

2. Betsey Johnson's crocheted belt, $125. Available at Nieman Marcus.

3. Kooba, $215. Available at Shop Bop.

4. Leatherock Crystal Belt, $132. Availabe at Nordstroms.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Girl's Night Out Idea

A couple of months ago I got sucked into watching those celebrity poker tournaments that Bravo and other cable channels were airing. After a couple of episodes I felt like I knew the difference between a flush and straight and would start yelling at the tv screen when celebrities played a hand terribly--like the many times that Kathy Griffin would fold on Neil Patrick Harris's bluffs. I mean, couldn't she read though Doogie Howser's lying eyes?

Needless to say, I'm feeling pretty confident to start playing my own poker games. But, I want a non-intimidating environment--we're not talking a trip to Mohegan Sun here. Then, the brilliant idea struck me...Girls poker night! Cards, wine, nibbles, and an excuse to go shopping for all of it! Here's what I need to pick-up:

1. I found this very girlie poker kit at Shop.com which seems to include just about everything you need to host a ladies poker night. For $30, you get invitations & envelopes, poker chips, playing cards, cheat sheets, rules booklet, and fun recipes for cocktails and snacks.

2. Plum Party is my go-to place for entertainment decorations. They carry a good selection of poker-themed items and these suits candy dishes can't be beat. Unfortunately, the dishes come in units of 48---so it looks like there will be many poker nights in my future.

3. What's a poker party without some goodies to nosh on? I am seriously addicted to kennel corn. It's a problem folks. I eat the stuff like it's going out of style. Why not get all my gals hooked on the stuff too?

4. Finally, any money I make from the night will indeed be going into my Wishing Fish shopping fund box. If I get good enough at this game, I could really put a dent in that Marc Jacobs purse fund I started.

Back on Monday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Opps, I Did it Again...

Another year almost gone-by and I still haven't kept to my 2005 New Year's resolution of remembering family and friend's birthdays, anniversaries, and all other reasons for celebration before they happen.

Luckily, Fig Leaves has a perfect solution for tardy gift-givers like myself. Their "blame it on us" gift box service is for all those panic-ridden customers who have forgotten a special occasion and don't have the time to shop for a gift.

On their website, simply select the gift you would like to give to that special person. In checkout, select "yes" for gift box. On the next page, just select 'Blame Us' as the gift wrapping type and the company will gift box your purchase and include a card that takes full responsibility for the late arrival.

So now you can really say "it's in the mail" with confidence!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Fantasy Four-Day Weekend Wardrobe

Do you ever play that game, where you dream up what sort of wardrobe you'd buy if someone handed you a Visa Platinum card with no strings attached? Yeah, I play that game in my mind all the time. If money were no object, this is what I would be wearing over the Thanksgiving holiday.

1. Party outfits for the Thanksgiving table

-Nanette Lepore


2. Post-Thanksgiving Meal Hoodies


-Til the End

3. Dinner and Drinks with Friends Outfit


-Kay Unger

Friday, November 18, 2005

What I Bought This Week: Candle Craving

I have a bit of an obsession with candles--especially ones of the "yummy smelling-make-ya-feel-good" variety. It seems I've gone a bit overboard this week stocking up on these such candles. Here's what I bought:

1. My all-time favorite candle out there is Williams Sonoma's spiced chestnut candle. If this candle doesn't get you in the mood for the holidays, frankly I don't think there's much hope for you :) The candle has essence of chestnut with hints of spicy cinnamon and clove. Its base notes are of vetiver and moss. It's got a lovely warm and buttery scent to it.

2. Every afternoon at work I wait for my coworker to light his L'Occitane's almond delicious candle. I love the strong nutty scent and it really waifs through our office--luckily no one is offended by the smell. I finally caved in and bought one for myself when I passed a L'Octtaine store this week. This baby will burn for 20 hours, so I have got at least a full week of almond to enjoy in the comforts of my home.

3. Not a true purchase, but a friend of mine mailed me a pecan pie candle that actually looks and smells like a real pecan pie when you burn it. Yes, its absolutely hokey, but that's the point. It's my favorite Thanksgiving treat and I love it. I will light it when I'm making savory meals in my kitchen next week. (Thanks doll!)

So obviously, I have a thing for nutty-type smells. Anyone have any suggestions for other candles they crave?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

This Week's Q&A: Holiday Gift Ideas

Question: I need to start stockpiling up on gifts for my co-workers and the boss. My office is a small, all-women company and normally no one spends more than $15 on a gift. Got some suggestions? Thanks!

Answer: Holiday gifts in a corporate environment are always tough. My thought is that you buy the same gift for everyone in the office (so no one thinks you're playing favorites). If you have one or two close friends in the office and want to get them something nicer, you should plan to exchange your gifts outside the workplace.

Here are a couple of my suggestions for office gifts. I hope they help!

1. As a stocking stuffer last year, I got Burt's Bees Hair Care Kit. It was a great choice. At only $12, you get a cute little shower cap, yellow comb and the most amazing avocado butter shampoo. It makes even really dry hair feel noticeably softer. (I know from experience.)

2. Yes, this Japanese mug is a bit over-the-top in its cuteness factor. But, how can you have a bad day at the office when you see this darling cup's little face? You almost want to hug your coffee in the morning it's so cute. It's only $8 smackers at Fred Flare.

3. Want to bring something memorable to the otherwise drab holiday party this year? I promise that you'll be the belle of the ball if you come bringing a tin of Eleni's designer shoe cookies. Yes, the goodies are a bit expensive at $78 a tin, but you'll have covered everyone with one perfect gift they can all share (or fight over). Find them here.

4. Finally, are you looking for some extra change in your stocking this year? If you're bold (and your hire-ups have a sense of humor), give the boss a $15 wristlet from Last Chance Boutique. This "I need a raise" bag is sure to hit home the point.

Got a burning question you need answered? Email me at fartoocute@hotmail.com.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This Week's Website: With Icing on Top

I've got a thing for Smashing Grandpa tees. (The name of the company refers to legendary rock stars from the '80s--not some homicidal thought about your dear papa.) Leslie Gardner, the designer of the shirts knows how to combine rock and roll graphics with lady-like puff sleeves tees. Personally, I find the mix endearing. Plus, her shirts are made of a super soft cotton that feels worn-in the first time you wear them. The best place to find the most varied and cutest selection of these tees is at Pink Icing. The online boutique is easy to navigate and has a nice edited selection of clothing that goes beyond rock & roll couture. Check it out--but be sure to leave a "Crown puff sleeve" tee for me.

Check it out here.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

This Week's Daily Musing: Chevy Envy

I don't know what it is about the chevron design that I love so much. Maybe, it's the fact that the pattern is so classically cool. Or, maybe it's because you can dress this timeless design up or down with relative ease. Whatever the case, I'm so happy to see that chevron is making a comeback with designers. Here are my picks for the cutest pieces using the chevron pattern.

1. Marc Jacobs Chevron Caroline Bag, $1,495.00

2. Buckle's Coffee Shop Down Vest, $46.00

3. Michael Kor's Long Down Coat, $158.00

Monday, November 14, 2005

This Week's Fashion Events

1. Are you a makeup addict? Go to beautyhabit.com and get 15% anything in their store when you enter the code "shopetc". Be sure to check-out their gift guide while you're there. They've pre-selected some holiday goodies ranging from $5-$50.

2. Need a one-of-a-kind holiday gift? For accessories that you won't see everyone carrying this season, check out Fengjunk.com. My favorites are the Kimberly Faith double fish necklace and the Lauren Merkin clutches. Plus, they're offering 15% on all their merchandise through December 31st.

3. Are you a budding fashion designer in the making? Or, do you often watch the highlights of fashion week and think "I could have designed something better than that!"? Well, the opportunity to show the world your unique sense of style may have arrived...Generra is offering the chance to create a piece for their fall 2006 collection. To enter, just send them a sketch of a top, skirt, dress, (or even a complete outfit) of your own design. The winner will have their piece sashayed down the runway and even get the chance to work with their creative director, Tony Melillo. Go here for information and rules.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

This Week's Fashion Alert: I'm Just a Girl

I'm finally back from my traveling escapades! It's so nice to be able to sleep in my own bed again and have access to more clothes then just what I threw together in my suitcase. While I was away I definitely had time to catch-up on just about every fashion magazine on the newsstand. And, let me be the first to tell you-- if you didn't know this already, Elle Girl, is the cutest magazine. I'd never picked up a copy before, because I figured it would be about 10 years too young for me. But, I loved this month's issue. It featured a photo spread with Caitiln Crowell--granddaughter of June and Johnny Cash. The photographs show her wearing her favorite vintage pieces from June's collection. So lovely! The magazine also features some pages showcasing street style from gals around the world. (I fell in love with an Army Surplus hat that one L.A. girl was wearing.) My favorite part though, was that I was introduced to a new designer. Well's Butler's collection called Primp is fantastic. I'm itching to buy the anchor print thermal and the Primp track jacket with gold chainmaille in cocoa. Yummy!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

This Week's Website: Lulette

About once a week I visit Lulette's website to drool over her gorgeous handmade scarves. Her soft, lightweight (not for harsh winter wear!) neck warmers are all knit by hand. The store's concept has the same basic idea as Neighborhoodies...you can custom-make your own scarf by choosing the color, message, and font type you want embellished on it. However, I love Lulette's own thought-up message scarves. Quotes like "I came, I saw, I conquered" and "Let them eat cake!" are much more original than any message I could think up. Take a look at her site and tell me you aren't enchanted with her work too.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

What I Bought This Week: Jet Lagged No More!

Over the past 5 days I have traveled to Chicago, San Diego, Philadephia, back to Boston, and I'm leaving for New Orleans tomorrow. I'm not only getting some serious frequent flier miles under my belt, but I'm getting some serious bags under my eyes as well. When I woke up this morning and had forgotten what time zone I was in, I realized it was time to do some "travel shopping" before my next trip. So, here's what I picked up:

1. I'll admit it...I'm a bit of a germ-phobe on planes. The circulated air, the babies with a cough, the guy sitting next to me wiping his running nose--it's enough to make anyone feel gross. On my last business trip I got myself a bottle of No Cooties from Flight 001. Now, the store is selling them in 4-packs. I'm in heaven!

2. No matter how warmly I dress for a flight my feet are always freezing. I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy some cashmere socks to keep them toasty during long trips. Nieman Marcus sells Ilux cashmere socks in a variety of colors and lengths. They are so soft it's almost surreal.

3. As for my undereye puff--I am a huge fan of Bliss Spa's all around eye cream. It takes the dark out of those viscous circles, makes skin feel firm, and at $26 it's a bargain!

Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Should be Packing, but...

I got an email today from Planet Lulu regarding their upcoming online sample sale, and wanted to clue you all into the dates. November 10th, 11th, and 12th the website will be open with plenty of handbags, jewelry, and wearables from 50%-90% off!! To register for free for the event click here.

p.s. My advice is shop this sale early. Most items are gone in the first few hours of the sale.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

This Week's Q&A: Looking for Your Answers

Hey you all!I'm heading out for a couple of business trips this month and won't be able to write daily posts for a couple weeks. I'll try to check in as often as possible. Before I start my jet-setting across this fabulous country, I've got my own set of questions I need help your help answering. So, I'm turning this week's Q&A over to all of you readers out there. Feel free to leave any words of wisdom in the comments section. Thanks!

1. I'm leaving for a business trip this weekend and will be heading out to Coronado, CA. Any suggestions for stores I should hit up in the downtown San Diego area?

2. I am going to be racking up a whole lot of airplane miles this month and will need some good books to read. I like historical fiction and chick lit. Any suggestions?

3. I'm going to be in Atlanta in 2 weekends from now with NOTHING to do. Any suggestions of things to see and places to go?

Tata for now--I should be writing my next post on Monday, Nov 7th.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

This Week's Website: I've Got a Sweet Tooth

From LaRok to Morphine Generation to Furla-- I'm a suker for a shopping website where I can shop all the latest designers in one place and get up-to-date industry news all at once. At Couture Candy you can actually hear podcast interviews with designers, keep up on (and purchase) what the celebrities are wearing, connect with other members of the CoutureCandy Community (with their exclusive "Couture Talk" feature), and get inspiring wardrobe advice from their "Personal Stylists". It's eye candy for all you fashionistas.

Check them out here.