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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Shoe Shopping

I admit that I am very hard on my shoes. With all the city walking I do, I usually give my heels an expiration date of 2 months before they literally fall off my feet. That's why I never buy very expensive shoes. Since moving to Boston a year ago, DSW has been my standby for cute and affordable shoes. They carry loads of high end designed shoes (okay, so maybe they are a season behind) at super cheap prices. But recently, their stock has gone sour. I mean the inventory there looks like it fell off the back of a Payless Shoes truck--not inspiring footwear.

So, I've had to go in search of greener pastures and leave dear old DSW behind. And, I think I have found my new shoe mecca...the Lord & Taylor Shoe Department. Waaaay in the back of the women's department there are many shoe goodies to be found. The salespeople are friendly. The shoes are not picked over. They carry a huge selection of brands. During my latest visit, I saw Coach, Kors, Tods, BCBG, and Weitzman at ridiculously cheap prices. Please keep it a secret though...I don't want it to become another DSW.


Blogger Tijana said...

hi nikki,
where are you from?
your blog is very cool
I am Tijana...

10:00 AM  
Blogger clothes-pin said...

hey Nikki,

just added you to my links..although I've missed you the last few days :(
I will be checking out L&T to test your theory and if it's good...it's on!

12:54 PM  

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