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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Viva la Revolution!

The D.I.Y. revolution is nothing new, but I am always (pick an adjective) surprised, amazed, and elated when I find people presenting creative projects in a new light. "D.I.Y.: Design it For Yourself" is a book created by Ellen Lupton, chairman of the Department of Design at the University of Maryland, along with her students. The projects include everything from publishing zines to screen printing pillows, to creating rubber stamped coasters. I am inspired to start a crafty project every time I flip through it!


Blogger Chic Chicks said...

i have been creating things myself lately like lipglosses, sugar scrubs, salt srubs, spray in hair conditioners, and dry skin lotions. its a lot of fun. you should research some recipes on the web if your interested. i found some great ones at about.com

3:58 PM  

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