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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Great wallets: db clay

Always on the lookout for cool designers, a friend of mine recommended that I check out the work of db clay. Based in Portland, OR, db clay specializes in unique and concept-driven wallets. Using gaffers tape, the company transfers original artwork and photographs to the wallets creating very cool and very durable products. Here are some of their original designs:

1. Deer Heads

2. Tree

3. Abstract

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Today's going to be a good day...

Got the newest issue of Blueprint (the second one is even better than the first.) And, found out that Domino magazine is having a two-day, home accessory sample sale in NYC October 13th and 14th!! Yep, today is going to be a good day.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Newest T-Shirt Addiction: M. Carter

I recently stumbled upon M. Carter's awesome selection of t-shirts through Brooklyn boutique SODAFINE. The designs are amazing and the fabric looks ultra soft. I feel a purchase coming on...

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rachel Pally

A woman came into the store yesterday wearing this Rachel Pally pashmina and looking uber fierce in it. How cute is this scarf?? What's even cooler is that it is made of jersey material. I tracked it down at Shopbop selling for $95. Love it!

Friday, August 18, 2006

A Super Cool Store

I was reading a copy of Wired magazine at the gym this morning and came across an article about author David Eggers and his Superhero Supply Company store in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The superhero supply store functions as a retail space selling capes, jars of anti-matter, and superhero tights (packaged in metal canisters). What's even cooler is that the store is just a "front" for children writing workshops. Enter a secret passageway through the retail space to find 826NYC, a non-profit writing and tutoring center. Proceeds from the store help support the center. What a great idea!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Be gone bad jeans!

Why oh why won't the skinny jean go away? I am seeing it all over the fall fashion magazines and it is making me crazy. I think only 10% of the women out there can really pull off the look. So, who is the fashion industry trying to fool? And, is anyone else out there completely tired of wearing jean capris? I definitely am sick of mine and am ready to start wearing my long, dark wash denim . Bring on fall!

Sorry, this was more of a rant than a post :)

Monday, August 14, 2006

ALMOST Good Enough to Eat...

I love walking through the South End of Boston. The brownstones are gorgeous, the people are friendly and the neighborhood has a buzz to it---so much so that I think the stores in the area are definitely a step ahead from the rest of Boston. One shop that I always enjoy going into is the POLKADOG BAKERY on Shawmut Ave. Nope, I don't own a dog, but if I did, he would be spoiled rotten at this doggie boutique. The shop is set-up like a french bakery with display cases full of delicious looking cannolis, cookies and cakes...the only problem is that they are not for human consumption (that is unless you like the taste of doggie treats.) That's right all the beautifully presented desserts are for dogs. What's more, all creations are all-natural with no salt, sugar or preservatives added. What an ingenious idea!

Thursday, August 10, 2006


I love love love finding new stationery. I am definitely the type of person who buys tons and tons of note cards and then stashes them in a drawer to only look at from time to time. Like a designer pair of shoes that you don't want to wear outside for fear of scuffing, I am almost afraid to mail out gorgeous cards because of what the post office may do to the pretty letter pressing.

To cutback on my stationery shopping tendencies, I have decided that any note cards that I buy must either be sent out immediately or get framed and put somewhere inside my home. One artist that will definitely go into the latter category is BellaMuse. BellaMuse was established in 2003 by artist and typographer Alicia Peck. Alicia's work draws upon a love of writing, whimsy, humor and antique illustrations. For you lucky New Yorkers, Alicia has an art stand in SOHO on the weekends. Look at her lovely cards!

1. Have expensive luggage, will travel.

2. All dressed up.

3. You saucy saucy tart.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Own a piece of fashionista history

Celebrity auctions seem to be the hot new thing right now. Tori Spelling is offering up her used clothes on Ebay and Cher is throwing a garage sale party in October. But, neither of these actresses hold a candle to the ultimate auction item going up for bid this winter. On December 5th, Christies in London will be selling the black dress worn by Audrey Hepoburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's!! The dress is expected to fetch somewhere between £50,000 and £70,000 when sold and all proceeds will go to a charity which helps under privileged people in India.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Velvet is Not Always a Fabric!!

Attention all fashion designers: Please don't name your clothing company after a fabric. Perfect example?? The company Velvet that sells cute women's clothing to Anthropologie. About six months ago, Anthropologie was stocking its stores with the most fabulous yoga-inspired, cropped pants from a clothing brand named Velvet. The fit of these pants were superb. They looked great on every figure and the COTTON fabric held up after several washings. The problem is that Anthropologie has discontinued selling them and I desperatley want to add a second pair to my wardrobe collection. So, I turned to the internet to track them down. But, search engines only lead me to "Velvet yoga pants" or "Velvet cropped pants". It seems that Google, Yahoo and the likes keep defaulting Velvet as a fabric search rather than a brand search!! I haven't been able to hunt down the company Velvet to see if they still carry the line. Woah is me. Any readers have suggestions?
p.s. Don't you feel horrible for the girls who have to model these hideous velvet track suits in the picture above?

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Thinking of Fall

I can't believe we are already well into August and I STILL have no tan to show for the summer. Ah well, I guess that is the life of a desk jockey. With the temperatures finally cooling down a bit in Boston (a gorgeous 75 degrees here right now), it almost seems like fall will soon be making an appearance--and that means Back to School Goodies!! Though I haven't been a student for quite sometime, I always enjoying loading up on cute journals, notepads, and other office supplies. Here are some of the treats I will be snatching up before they are sold-out.

1. Mouse pad from Fred Flare.

2. Nostalgic Nancy Drew notepads available at Black Ink.

3. My very own premade pro/con list from Knock Knock cards.